Hyperthyroid condition in my dog...

Our dog has a hyperthyroid condition and is now taking medicine twice a day. Her skin is very flaky now... is that due to the medicine or her condition?
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Hi there! I agree - it really is important to continually follow up with your Vet in these situations. I'm not sure if your girl is taking meds for hyper or hypo thyroidism (overactive or underactive). It is very rare for dogs to have an overactive thyroid, and if she is on medication to suppress the thyroid then yes - they can have skin problems as a side effect. If on the other hand she is actually HYPOthyroid, then this in itself can cause skin problems and may mean she is not getting enough thyroid supplementation. It is important to follow up with blood tests also to ensure we are getting the dosage of medication correct!

I hope this helps and best of luck with your girl.


Dr Edwards
I really appreciate Dr. Edwards taking the time to answer my question! - - 13 years ago


I would continue to seek advice from your vet and hopefully they can get her system regulated...

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