my dog wont eat any type of dog food and is too quite and sleeps all the time

<p>i got her on monday got told she is too i try too feed her eveyday but she wont eat and she sleeps all the time and to say shes 2 she not lively at all</p>
Category: Health

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Hi Brian... Can you provide some additional information? How old is she? Do you have other pets or children? Who owned her before? She may just be nervous about being in a new setting (your house). Is she drinking water okay? Is she eliminating outside okay? Does she eat any treats (Milk Bones, etc)? Have you been able to get her to a vet for a checkup?
i have no children or pets she drinks water she does eat her dog chews and the only food she will eat is hotdogs the owener i only met outside when i picked her up and when i asked her what she eat she said it was dry food wagg iv tried her on that and ever other food but she wont touch any of it - Molly - 12 years ago

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