Winter Is Coming. Be Sure Your Community Cats Are Prepared

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I love the brightly colored falling leaves, sweaters and boots, the crisp kiss of frost in the air, and harvesting the last of summer’s vegetables from the garden – fat pumpkins in orange and white, twisted gourds, and even a few squash and zucchini that still cling to the vine. But fall is also a reminder that winter and all its hardships for outdoor and community cats is right around the corner.

For those of us who care for outdoor critters, the seasons have their own rhythm. Spring means making sure that winter debris like old straw is cleared away, that shelters are repaired after a hard season of snow and ice, and that feeding stations are cleaned and often replaced.

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Finding the Vet right for your pet

My veterinarian is retiring. He’s been my pets’ vet for many years and the fact that I drive more than an hour each way so that he can treat my six-pack of cats says a lot about the excellent care he and his staff provide. I’m very picky when it comes to my pets’ health care, as most pet owners (hopefully) are about the care of their own furry friends. And I tend to be a bit of a nervous Nelly when it comes to health care in general. I’m signed up for recall alerts and I spend some time each week surfing the AVMA’s website to find out about the latest breakthroughs, vaccines, and treatments.

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8 ways to reduce your dog's carbon paw print

I’d imagine that looking after the environment is pretty far down on your dog’s to-do list - it certainly falls behind activities such as running around outside, barking at postmen and chewing your favourite shoes to pieces. Consequently, it’s down to you to be green on their behalf!

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Vaccinating your cat

Getting your cat properly vaccinated is essential to its health. In fact, before vaccinations became more commonly place, many cats died on a regular basis from a condition called panleukopenia, which is more commonly known as feline distemper. They were also more likely to die from upper respiratory infections such as herpesvirus and calcivirus.

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5 tips for caring for your canine's paws

If you have ever taken a look at your dog's paws, you'll realize they are the toughest part of his exterior. There is good reason; they have several jobs to perform. They do more than merely protect his feet. They function as padding that protects his joints when he walks or runs. They also insulate the bottoms of his feet, which is invaluable when the ground is cold or hot. There is also soft tissue beneath your canine's pads that is protected from injury.

It is for these reasons that many dogs are hesitant to allow strangers to touch their feet. Many canines don't even enjoy their owners handling their feet. But it's important that you do everything you can to care for your pooch's paws, so he'll remain comfortable when he walks. The following five tips will help.

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3 Important tips towards natural dog food

Natural dog food is the best choice for your pet dog. Dog owners usually like to feed their pet dog with dry dog food. However, before you decide to purchase a particular brand of dog food, check the ingredients listed on the pack. Not all dog food brands use high quality natural ingredients. So, carefully select your dog food stuff. There are certain guidelines that you need to follow while deciding to purchase natural dog food. The tips are as follows:

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