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Pawsitive Vybe Introduction


My name is Ron Watson and I play Frisbee with my dogs.

Ron & Leilani Jamming in Poland - 2007 - Image by Magda M.

I also run a dog training studio in Western Michigan called Pawsitive Vybe .

We specialize in dog sports and positive dog training, and when I say we, I mean my partner and girlfriend, Apryl Lea and myself.

Apryl & I started Pawsitive Vybe in 2005 and have been running classes and conducting seminars internationally ever since.

We also do a lot of rescue work. Working closely with our local humane society, fellow disc doggers and Mid America Border Collie Rescue we have helped placed about 10 dogs in the last year or two.

Ron & Apryl in Amsterdam In addition to our dog training business, I am also an avid web developer, videographer and freelance author.

In 1998, I started a website called For about 6 years, it was the sole source of Disc Dog video on the web. Later, in 2004, I started a Frisbee Dog community site called We now have over 500 users and are well read on 6 continents. It's a very cool place. Be sure to click on that link and check out the discussion forum.

Shooting the Art of K9Disc We also have a video blog, the Art of K9Disc which has been quite successful. We're looking forward to getting some more video out later this summer.

Things have been very busy for us over the last several months.

Digging out after winter is always difficult on 18.5 acres, but it's especially interesting given that Apryl has taken a Staff Trainer Position at Paws With a Cause. So I've been tasked with managing our rabid pack of Frisbee Dogs and trying to stay on top of our websites and business. It's been an interesting spring, and we're looking to have an interesting summer as well.

Pawsitive Vybe Performance PackI n a few weeks I am going to be taking some of our dogs on the road to do a 3 month Dog Sport Show at Celebration City in Branson, MO. We'll be performing from the middle of May through the middle of August 2 times per day, 6 days a week. If you're going to be in Branson, by all means look us up.

Later this fall, we'll be doing some seminars in Minnesota and Vermont and it looks as if we will be doing some shows at the Texas State fair, which is pretty awesome, as that's where my first dog, Kimo (video) and I got our start with shows.

Well that ought to do it for our introduction. We're happy to be here at Barkley and Paws and are looking forward to sharing some dog training and dog sport information with all of you crazy dog people here on Barkley and Paws.


Ron Watson


Canine dental care
Wounded therapy dog on the way back!


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