Allison Rather

How to Prevent and Treat Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick preventative for animals is an important part of being a diligent pet owner. As a carrier and victim of these parasites, dogs and cats can easily face multiple problems, whether infested or simply bitten by one. Fortunately, quality flea and tick preventative for animals is readily available to protect pets from a wide range of health issues.

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10 Fast facts about fleas

At just 1/16” to 1/8” long, fleas may be tiny little creatures, but they can have a huge impact on the warm-blooded animals sharing their environment. Here are some other interesting fun flea facts (say that five times fast!!):

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Catherine V. Testaratti

Can my dog be allergic to fleas?

If you have a dog that is driving you crazy up all night chewing and itching, then he most likely is suffering from an allergy to fleas. Sounds ridiculous but it's more common than you think. For some dogs, this can turn into a serious problem, especially if left untreated.

Flea allergies in dogs can begin as early as puppies but seems to be most prevalent in older adult dogs. Adult fleas will not live for a long time if they are not on a dog or cat. But that doesn't really reassure you now does it?

Did you know that adult fleas are the only ones that bite? Once they fall off the host dog or cat, they don't live. That's good to know, however, the process continues because the adult flea leaves behind eggs that will hatch and continue the process.

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Owen Jones

Animals, fleas, ticks and worms

Fleas and other parasites have always to be given the top priority by dog owners. The all too common occurrences of flea bite allergy in the case of dogs causes worry to many dog owners every year. This is because flea bites can induce allergic reactions in the area bitten by the fleas. In these cases, the affected area becomes hairless due to the dog scratching itself vigorously.

Heavy flea infestations can cause severe dermatitis in dogs, because the dog will scratch and scratch the area until he bleeds and can also introduce infection. If the flea bites cause an allergic reaction or even dermatitis in your dog, he/she really ought to be taken to the veterinary doctor as soon as possible, because usually, the dog will be experiencing severe discomfort by this time.

The vet will sell you a cream to ease the itching and reduce the inflammation and some powder or a spray to kill the fleas. Prevention, however, is better than cure and medicated collars are available to treat and prevent an infestation of external blood-suckers like ticks and fleas.

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Jane A Moore

Hazards of dog fleas in the dog park

My dog and I have a great weekend schedule. First thing each weekend morning we get up, have a snack, grab a latte at the coffee shop on the way, and end up at the dog park. I just love bringing my dog to the park, since it's pretty obvious that this is one of the highlights of his week.

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Moses Wright

How to get rid of dog fleas

Perhaps, the most common dog health problem is an infestation of dog fleas. Treating dog fleas can be a real headache for dog owners especially if the flea infestation is not treated promptly. Dog fleas live in the dogs fur and bite the dog. A dog can acquire fleas from other dogs, grass and outdoors, or the dogs environment.

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