Discover the healthy benefits of pet ownership!

We all know how great it is to have a pet!  They comfort us and make us feel welcomed regardless of the type of day we've...
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Cranial cruciate ligament tear and Lucy's progress

Update - Day 9 of the tear Lucy is getting around better every day. We have not given her any pain medication now in at least two days. Read some interesting information that said the pain (as long as it isn't severe) is actually "good" for your pet.

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CCL damage and surgery...


So our little Lucy tore her cruciate ligament two days ago.  Took her to the doctor yesterday and they recommended surgery but we aren't 100% sure that is the way to go.  In doing some research it appears that the long term benefits of surgery vs. natural healing are about the same.

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NBC Today Show - Story on pedigree dogs and dangers

I was only able to catch the last few minutes of this story but it appears as though this has been a major problem in the...
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