Wheel of Fortune - Pet lovers week!!

We were eating dinner last night and Wheel of Fortune came on.  During the introductions we noticed that Pat was asking ...
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Preparing for Christmas

I know that people of different faiths come and visit  I certainly glad you come by the site and I truly hope you find information here that is helpful and meaningful in your relationship with your pet.

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Thanksgiving feast for your pet?

Today is Thanksgiving in the US and people will be having wonderful meals, mostly of Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and mo...
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Happy New Year!


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It was certainly an exciting year in 2007 with a lot of pet stories in the news. I'm gald that the evils of dog fighting were finally brought out front and center and that people that are involved in that type of activity are now being arrested and put in jail.



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Keeping your pets safe this holiday

While we all enjoy the decorations and parties at this time of the year we need to always be aware of the dangers it may create for our pets. Some of the most important things to remember are:


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Christmas gifts for your pets - How about rescue centers instead?

So we are approaching the holiday season and the question that comes to mind is "Do you purchase gifts for your pets"? The answer seems to be yes. A more interesting question may be "How much to do spend on your pet?


We all know just how much people

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