Picture your pet in this fantastic custom made frame!

b2ap3_thumbnail_initial_products.jpgIf it isn't obvious this is a pet website and of course we really love our pets here!  We really encourage LOTS of pictures and stories about how you play and live with your pet (remember "Live in the moment!").  Today we are going to show you how to make a wonderful picture frame that's perfect for all those photos you have of your "best friend"! We went to Michael's to get started (but feel ......
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Martha Stewart Halloween Costume Contest!

b2ap3_thumbnail_molly_batwings.jpgHalloween is always fun around our house.  We enjoy all the activity and especially seeing the kids coming to the door for treat-or-treats!  Now that our son is grown and moved away, we really enjoy the Halloween evening with our OTHER kids ... our pets.  Our two dogs really have a great time (okay they've never said they have a great time, but they sure look like the enjoy it!). This year we are also going......
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Martha Stewart has a new pet blog!

So the story last night on the news was that Martha Stewart has added a new pet section to her website.  The section now features a new blog from two pets (I assume they are hers) as well as pet articles and other pet information. It's good to see more and more people recognizing the need to get out good information about pets and their health.  I really don't mind that people are also making money......
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