Protecting your pet while walking at night!

When we went to my sister's home over the holidays we had a chance to see Bailey, her new black lab. Bailey is certainly full of energy and when he goes outside he will run if he isn't kept on his leash.


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CSI - Pet Detective story in NBC Nightly News

Great story tonight on the ASPCA's new $220,000 pet crime fighting vehicle!  That's right, I said $220,000.   ...
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Riley the Golden Retriever gets Order of Protection!

On the Monday October 8th edition of Inside Edition there was a story about a Golden Retriever named Riley that has been given an "Order of Protection" from the wife of the owner. The husband in a divorce case claims that when the wife pulled into the driveway she kicked the dog.

The state of Connecticut passed a law that went into effect October 8 granting protection

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