Texas Appeals Court rules in favor of family suing to recover sentimental value of dog


The story revolves around a family and their dog Avery.  Avery was a Labrador mix breed and had been in the family since he was a puppy, about eight years.  Avery escaped one day and ran off and was captured and taken to the local animal shelter.

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Christmas time and pet adoptions


So Christmas is really just right around the corner (only eight weeks or so).  Its amazing how fast the years go by.  During this time a lot of people decide to get a new puppy or kitten as a gift.  If you think that's a good reason to give one you're wrong!

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Need help - Can you adopt this dog?

UPDATE: This dog has happily been adopted!!!! UPDATE:  Some people came over last night to look at this dog and see if t...
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NBC Today Show - Story on pedigree dogs and dangers

I was only able to catch the last few minutes of this story but it appears as though this has been a major problem in the UK ...
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Burned dog will survive!

A little puppy was found Friday August 22 here in the Greensboro, NC area.  The dog had been badly burned, suffered seve...
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Obama's new dog rumored to be revealed Tuesday

And his name is apparently going to be Charlie.  We can assume from that they are getting a male and the latest news is ...
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