CCL damage and surgery...


So our little Lucy tore her cruciate ligament two days ago.  Took her to the doctor yesterday and they recommended surgery but we aren't 100% sure that is the way to go.  In doing some research it appears that the long term benefits of surgery vs. natural healing are about the same.

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The Best Pet Blogs ...

Beginning this week we will be starting a new section to highlight and feature pet bloggers from all over the United States.  There are so many...
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Dog Beer!

Our friends at PetPalsDirect sent us the following story: Dog Beer  They say a dog is a man’s best friend, why not share a beer? I...
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Need help - Can you adopt this dog?

UPDATE: This dog has happily been adopted!!!! UPDATE:  Some people came over last night to look at this dog and see if they wanted to adopt. ...
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7 Ways You Can Spend More Quality Time with Your Canine Friend

#1 - Go for walks If dogs could speak, going for walks would probably be their number one activity. Dogs love walks and love going for...
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NBC Today Show - Story on pedigree dogs and dangers

I was only able to catch the last few minutes of this story but it appears as though this has been a major problem in the...
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Wheel of Fortune - Pet lovers week!!

We were eating dinner last night and Wheel of Fortune came on.  During the introductions we noticed that Pat was asking everyone about their pets.  We...
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