Michael Vick sentenced to 23 months in jail!

Michael Vick was sentenced today in US Distict court in Richmond Virginia to 23 months in jail for his participation in dog fighting on his property in Virginia.

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Keeping your pets safe this holiday

While we all enjoy the decorations and parties at this time of the year we need to always be aware of the dangers it may create for our pets. Some of the most important things to remember are:


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He's perfect!!

Baby is home! Ssssssshhhhh! He is sleeping in my lap, wrapped up in my pyjama top right now. He's absolutely adorable. I'm going to get some...
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***Hedgehog update!***

Last weekend we put a deposit in a new baby hedgehog. The pet store was expecting several to be delivered from a breeder, and we wanted one to replace our Paulie, who recently passed away. So my boyfriend, Pat, has been bugging me all week. "Did they call about the hedgehog yet?" "No, they didn't." Just this morning, he asked me, "While I was in the shower, did anyone

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BarkleyAndPaws Welcomes Trisha Kiefer ... our newest writer!

Trisha Kiefer has joined our group as a featured writer on BarkleyAndPaws. Trisha is a freelance writer and well as a pet owner, with over 20 pets at home!

You can find a feature of her work on our homepage about raising and caring for pet Chinchillas. We're glad she has joined our family of pet lovers!

Welcome Trisha!

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John Kirkham

Dog collars - An essential guide

This article describes the benefits of various dog collars available on the market and highlights some things to look out for when buying a dog collar. Dog collars are one of the few indulgences for a dog lover. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be both training aids, fashion statements and of course an important identifier of your dog should he or she become lost.
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The current list.

OK. My name is Trisha, and I have 20 pets. Here's the list:

 Four cats: Shmelly, Ruckus, Bella, and Aprilcakes

One Pomeranian: Chopper

Four chinchillas: Spodie, Lady, Cooper, and Simone

Three box turtles: Parker, Knuckles, and Buffalo Alice

 One Pacific Parrotlet: Perry

Two rats: Tooey and Skeller

One bearded dragon: Ozzy

One Dumeril

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