Five legged puppy surgery

Yea,  for the little puppy in Charlotte NC with  5 legs. His surgery  today was a success and BOO to the side show owner who was...
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Diabetic cat

My sister has a cat that is diabetic. She found him last night very legargic and unable to control his bowel movements.   She rushed him to...
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Kittens are fun.

My aunt's new kitten, Molly is soooo cute but a little terror.  During the morning she tore off the tablecloth from the breakfast room table and...
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Giving my cat a bath

Decided today to give my 19 year old cat a bath.  She is blind and sometimes doesnt make it to the litter box.  She was beginning...
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350 dogs seized after raids

A great story out today from the AP detailing raids on dog fighting in states throughout the midwest!  The detail and link to the story is...
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Dog flu H3N8 - flu shots now available

A new strain of dog flu (H3N8) has quietly been surfacing.  You may not be aware of it but it appears to be spreading and is...
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The Weather Channel features segment on dog care

While we were out to eat last night we notice a special segment running on The Weather Channel concerning dog safety and care during the hot...
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