Moses Wright

How to be a trendy dog

It is becoming increasingly popular to own a trendy dog. The move towards trendy dog fashions and designer dog accessories has probably gained in popularity due to the photographs of celebrities with their trendy dogs.

Years ago, a bath and recent dog grooming used to be the trendiest that a dog would be. These days, designer dog fashion and pampering have become the standards for trendy dogs.

The dog fashion and accessories by designers seem to define how to be a trendy dog. Designer dog collars, fashion, and dog carriers are much more expensive than the non-designer versions, but many dog owners use these items as ways to have trendy dogs.

Many designers have seized the popularity of dog pampering and offered their own solutions to how to be a trendy dog. Dog hoodies and t-shirts from designer labels are available for trendy dogs.

For small dogs, designer dog carriers are used by dog owners who want to carry their dogs in public. Several designer labels, including Juicy Couture, make designer dog carriers. Designer dog carriers can cost several hundred dollars.

Dog owners of medium or large size dogs may want to take their dogs in public as well, but obviously cannot use the small dog carriers. Larger dog carriers similar to baby strollers are designed for this purpose.

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Sandy Walker

Help your dog have a great time this Halloween

For the dog lover, Halloween can be about way more than just taking the children trick or treating. Just for the joys of it, dress up your pooch this Halloween and take pictures. It will be something fun to remember and the kids or neighbors nearby will get a kick out of it too!

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Joanne Gallagher

The value of a dog leash

Dog Owners should understand the importance of containing their dog on a leash. A leash protects your pet from the dangers of the outside world. Regardless of what breed of dog you own, an unsupervised pet can get in trouble. Most pet owners treat their pets like children, and just like a young child should not be outside without boundaries, neither should a dog.

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Moses Wright

Juicy Couture dog carrier and dog accessories

Designer dog carriers are becoming increasingly popular. Part of this popularity could be due to the use of designer dog carriers by celebrities.

Designer dog carriers are only suitable for small sized dogs. Some designers of carriers are specially made for teacup size, tiny dogs.

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Kim Fleming

Facts about dog chew toys

Dog chew toys can do a lot for your pet. They help your dog to grow teeth and gum, avoid getting bored, and prevent him from swallow harmful objects. However, all dogs are not the same, and you need to choose the chew toys that are right for your pet.

The Size Is Important

The sizes of dogs vary and therefore the sizes of chew toys vary. If the toy is too big, your dog may not like to play with it at all. Otherwise, if the toy is too small, he might accidentally swallow it and choke on it. You really should know about your dog's breed and size well to get the correct toy size. Many reputable manufacturers will have clear warnings on their labels to help you decide on whether a toy is appropriate for your pet.

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Burned dog will survive!

A little puppy was found Friday August 22 here in the Greensboro, NC area.  The dog had been badly burned, suffered several broken bones and was...
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Summer Vacation is almost over

Summer vacation is almost over--taking our son back to college tomorrow and school starts in a week.  UGH
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