Danger using Cocoa Mulch in your yard - can kill your dog!

Please tell every dog or cat owner you know. Even if you don't have a pet, please pass this to those who do. I received this...
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Obama's new dog may appear this Monday

News reports are being leaked that the new First Dog could make his appearance this Monday at the annual Easter egg roll.  There has been a...
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Pawsitive Vybe Tugging Foundation

xposted @ Here are a couple of foundational bitework pieces we shot recently. The first is of a foster dog of ours, Indy, doing some...
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Request to save a dog!

My wife received an email today to try and save a Beagle dog at one of the local shelters.  We get emails like this from time...
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Today's random muzing about nothing

So another day has come and gone.  I realized on my way home just how much I really enjoy seeing my two dogs when I walk...
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Martha Stewart has a new pet blog!

So the story last night on the news was that Martha Stewart has added a new pet section to her website.  The section now features a...
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NBC Nightly News - Story about "wonderful companions"

There was a great story on NBC Nightly News tonight about dogs making wonder companions for people that need extra help.  They spent most of the...
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