Moses Wright

How to build dog kennels

How to build dog kennels is not difficult if the dog owner follows a few easy instructions. When building a dog kennel, the owner can create a plan for a dog kennel that will meet the needs of the owner and the dog.

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i dread going back to work in a week and leaving my girls at home. My girls are a boxer mix and a border collie.   they...
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Conact lenses for your pet?

I saw an interesting article the other day discussing a small German company that is now making contact lenes for animals, including your favorite pet!  The...
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Roy Stevens

Buying puppy cages - what to be aware of

There are a lot of assorted styles and types of dog cages on the market and as expected there is also a huge range of prices. Although you might become aware of people opposed to the proposal of using dog cages, it is in actual fact something that nearly all dogs are relaxed with.

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Hannah Scott

Anti barking collar

If you are worried about your dog causing problems with your neighbors, then you are probably aware that your dog is barking excessively. There is a good chance that if your neighbors complained enough you could get a visit from animal control, and if its often then you could have your dog removed from you.

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Latest feature update for BarkleyAndPaws!

Two new exciting features have been added to  First - if you are familar with Yahoo Answers! then you'll love our new Question and Answer...
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Five legged puppy surgery

Yea,  for the little puppy in Charlotte NC with  5 legs. His surgery  today was a success and BOO to the side show owner who was...
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