The first pooch! Obama reveals their new dog!

So it looks like we are getting a little closer to the choice for the new "First Pet"!  According to sources on the Internet and...
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Is there a solution to the Obama dog allergy issue?

There has been a lot of discussion about the Obama dog hunt.  One of the big issues is the fax that their children are allergic...
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URGENT HELP NEEDED! - Adkins Pet Center Closing

Adkins Pet Center - Closing - Homes Needed!! From Jolene Handysides, Kennel Manager - Adkins Pet Center: Unfortunately, I got some sad news today, Adkins...
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Clintons' cat, Socks, dies

The AP reports that the Clintons' cat Socks died this past week.  Socks was 18 years old.  You may recall that Socks was the second...
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Blogging about our pets - and their future

So you have some great stories to tell or you just like talking about pets.  How cool is that!   I know a lot of people...
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Where is Obama's new dog?

So we were teased a few weeks ago that the decision on the new "first dog" was down to two and everyone was waiting to ...
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Rescued Border Collie is going to be in the 2009 dog show!

A rescued Border Collie is going to be in the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club 2009 Dog Show.  I have added a clip below so you...
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