ESPN - Dog Championships

It was incredible watching the dog championships tonight on ESPN!  The jumping was amazing with the winning dog setting a new record at 7 feet! The...
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Latest features on BarkleyAndPaws!

Well after several weeks of testing we are proud to announce some major upgrades to BarkleyAndPaws!  We now have included new "Wall" postings that include the...
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T. Clark

How to choose a collar for your dog 4 ways

There are many different ways to choose a collar for your dog. I am just going to give you a few options on how to do so. I will list four ways here to be exact.

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Vet hospital awareness

We are looking to begin a drive to encourage all states to make any information about pet hospitals, kennels, breeders, or veterinarians available to the public...
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Ron Watson

Disc Dog Communication

Published in Dog Sport Magazine April 2008

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Putting Things into Perspective

One of the things that we tend to forget when we’re playing a game with a dog is that games are nothing more than behavior chains.

When we engage in a game with our dogs, especially a competitive game, we tend to lose track of the fact that we’re just dealing with behaviors, and I can’t think of one game where that problem is more prevalent than in canine disc.

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Bo - The Obama's dog has his first day in the White House!

Bo - Obama's first dog and the family out with the pet
Here is the latest video released of the Obama's and their new dog, Bo:   {youtubejw}{/youtubejw}   Here are also two photographs take from the White...
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Obama's new dog is named Bo

Additional information has leaked that the Obama's new dog is indeed a Portuguese Water dog and is a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy.  Bo is said...
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