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Rhythm Being a Good Boy
Frisbee Dog on Halloween
Crossposted@ Last Sunday we had a Disc Dog Drop In, like usual, and one of our good friends from Paws With A Cause, Becky, came...
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New community pages for BarkleyAndPaws!

Hopefully you are finding the new community section here on .  The new social section is quite in dept and includes many of the features...
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My friend Marley

So a new Christmas movie is on the way, "My friend Marley".   I guess it is based on the book but since no one has seen...
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Latest Coldwater Creek Catalog features Border Collies!

My owner just received her lastest issue of the Coldwater Creek fashion catalog and guess what... it features Border Collies throughout the issue.  WOW!  Very cool....
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Florida hurricane preparedness

With an approaching hurricane heading for Florida this week, its time for folks to prepare for shelter, not only for themsleves, but also for their pets.  People need to remember that most shelters will NOT allow you to bring your pets.

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Fat cat to appear on NYC television shows this week!

A cat nicknamed "Princess Chunk" will be appearing this week on several television shows in the New York area.  The cat, weighing in at a staggering 44 pounds was found abandoned in New Jersey.

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California bill SB 685 makes pet trusts enforceable

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new bill into law today (7/22/08) in California making pet trusts enforceable.  This new law makes it much easier now for...
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