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A guide to long haired Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is very small-sized dog. It has always been a popular and an adorable dog, loved and owned by many celebrities. There are ongoing debates about the origin of the Chihuahua. Some argue that an old Aztec civilization was the origin of Chihuahua, while some others assert that it came from ancient Egypt. While the former group explains that the Chihuahua was actually brought by Spanish settlers to Mexico from old Aztec, and then it came to the United States, the later group suggests it made its way from Egypt to Spain via Mexico.

The long haired Chihuahua typically has a smooth undercoat along with a long overcoat, which makes it difficult to differentiate from the Pomeranian. The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines the hair of this dog as “long coats” or “smooth coats”. A long haired Chihuahua has an apple-shaped head, with big eyes and tasseled ears. Typically the height of a Chihuahua may range between six to nine inches. The exhibited dogs have lesser weight compared to the non-exhibited ones. While the former weighs in at less than six pounds in average, the later may grow up to ten pounds or more.

The personality and temperament of the long haired Chihuahua is the same as the short haired Chihuahua. Both of them are loved for their sweet nature and jovial personality. They are a very alert type of dog and possess a barking aptitude whenever they face any stranger. They can be excellent companions for the elderly and disabled individuals. Friendliness and socialization are their primary skills that make them so adorable to everyone. However, they are also known for their high-strung nature, hence sometimes it becomes really tough to train them.

Both short and long haired Chihuahua fits into Toy dog group, although not recommended to be handled by very young children. It is mainly because of their small size and soft bony structures that make them so delicate and demand careful handling. However, they can successfully mix with adults without any risk of potential harm. These dogs have a beautiful capacity to build friendships with other animals like dogs and cats.

Both the short and long haired Chihuahua are sensitive to temperature. Although they are well tolerant of warm weather, they cannot handle the cold. Many Chihuahua owners prefer to keep their dogs in coats or sweaters during winter and spring seasons.

Also a closer look is required in order to make the dog free from ticks and other hitchhikers. Bathing with residue-free shampoo is important for a long haired Chihuahua. It should be done at least once in a month.

Long hair is the recessive property of the gene, so it is compulsory that both the breeding partners should be long haired Chihuahuas. In fact, only selecting high quality partners can ensure having high quality offspring with stunning coat textures.

Professional breeders keep well-maintained records for each and every breed to ascertain the quality of the offspring. A well-documented long haired Chihuahua always fetches a high price.

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