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Basic Pet Grooming for Dogs 101

Ready to take on the pet grooming for your pooch? Most dog grooming can be done by owners if they know what they are doing and have the correct supplies on hand.
You should always have everything you need at hand before you get ready to do any grooming. This will prevent you from having to stop the process and hunt down the clippers, shampoo or brush. Many dogs get a little nervous during any grooming process and when you are completely organized and ready to groom it will serve both of you well and eliminate some of the nervousness on the part of the dog and the owner.

A non-slip mat will help with the grooming process and the dog should be positioned at a height that makes it possible for the groomer to reach everything without having to bend over. Place your hand under her belly and the thumb of your other hand under her collar.

Begin pet grooming by cleaning your dog’s face. Look in her ears, eyes and at her teeth about once a week. Always praise your dog for sitting quietly and give her little pats of reassurance. You can use a cotton ball and water to clean around your dog’s eyes. Another cotton ball can be used to clean the inside flap of her ear. Do not reach too far into the ear itself. Use a clean cotton ball for each part of the grooming process.

The next step in pet grooming is the teeth. This is a part of dog grooming that can be uncomfortable for both of you at first. Once you go through the routine a few times you will both be at ease and the process will go smoothly. You can use a specially made toothbrush and a toothpaste or gel that is made for dogs. Diluted salt water is also effective. This should be done once a week and a vet should check your dog’s teeth at least once a year.

When it is time to bathe your dog you can use the tub or buy a bath tub designed for dogs. Purchase a good shampoo and be sure to rinse really well to avoid skin irritations. A non-slip mat will help your dog stay in place and after towel drying you may want to use a hair dryer set on a low speed to hasten the drying process. Some dogs become agitated with the noise of the hair dryer so this is a step you may decide to omit.

There are dogs who thoroughly enjoy being brushed and others who are totally against the idea. The best thing you can do is to begin this part of pet grooming as soon as you bring the puppy home. When approached in this manner your dog will get used to being brushed and will learn that it is just a part of his normal daily or weekly routine.

Dog grooming is not difficult and can be one more way to bond with your pet and form a healthy relationship.

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