How to be a trendy dog

It is becoming increasingly popular to own a trendy dog. The move towards trendy dog fashions and designer dog accessories has probably gained in popularity due to the photographs of celebrities with their trendy dogs.

Years ago, a bath and recent dog grooming used to be the trendiest that a dog would be. These days, designer dog fashion and pampering have become the standards for trendy dogs.

The dog fashion and accessories by designers seem to define how to be a trendy dog. Designer dog collars, fashion, and dog carriers are much more expensive than the non-designer versions, but many dog owners use these items as ways to have trendy dogs.

Many designers have seized the popularity of dog pampering and offered their own solutions to how to be a trendy dog. Dog hoodies and t-shirts from designer labels are available for trendy dogs.

For small dogs, designer dog carriers are used by dog owners who want to carry their dogs in public. Several designer labels, including Juicy Couture, make designer dog carriers. Designer dog carriers can cost several hundred dollars.

Dog owners of medium or large size dogs may want to take their dogs in public as well, but obviously cannot use the small dog carriers. Larger dog carriers similar to baby strollers are designed for this purpose.

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Does my new puppy need a dog bed?

Friends of mine have just become new puppy owners. As would be expected, the first thing they did was go shopping for all the new equipment that is required for a new puppy. Leashes, collars, toys, sweaters, booties, etc. They bought a cage for crate training their new puppy, but they just weren't sure about whether they should get a dog bed along with the cage.

I told them to hold off on buying a dog bed. This doesn't mean I am not a avid proponent of dog beds. I am. However, I don't think it is appropriate for a puppy to use a dog bed. More accurately, I think it might be impossible for a puppy to be expected to stay in a dog bed. For at least the first 8 to 12 months in their new homes puppies need to sleep in a cage.

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Dog sweaters

Dog sweaters can be designer or handmade. Whether they are knitted or crocheted, dog sweaters come in a variety of colors and styles. Dog sweaters may resemble plain or preppy sweaters for men or have a holiday design.

Dog sweaters typically have a collar around the dog's neck and fit around the dog's chest and front legs. The bottom of the dog sweater usually sits on top of the dog's back with no sleeves for the dog's rear legs which could be easily soiled.

Ralph Lauren makes designer sweaters for small dogs. Ralph Lauren dog sweaters start at ninety-five dollars and can cost as much as one hundred fifteen dollars.

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Use dog accessories to make your dog look cool and hip!

Gone are the days when dogs had to run around without a stitch on! In fact, just as human fashionist as can have flashy wardrobes with matching accessories, so can your pooch be outfitted to the nines and all glitzed up.

If you haven't checked lately, you may be pleasantly shocked to see what Fido can be wearing. We're talking four seasons and all occasions. Here's just a sampling of ways to spruce up your dog's appearance, as well as some practical finery.

Its summer time now, to help your dogs through this hot summer, give them a cooling body wrap. There dogs accessories comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials. Many have Velcro straps for perfect fit and easy management.

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How about formal small dog clothes?

After you leave the veterinarian for you pup's annual check up and you have made sure that he is healthy and you have all the foods you need for him as well, why not take him shopping for some really cool small dog clothes? You will find the best retailers online for some of the best dog clothing you can find anywhere.

You wouldn't buy clothes for yourself in the wrong size so you are going to need to make sure that you know your dog's correct size before buying him clothes. Getting those sizes is as easy as measuring your dog. The girth is straight down his back, from the bottom of his neck to the beginning of where his tail starts. You will want the circumference measurement of around his neck and the width of chest as well. With these sizes, you will be able to find perfect fitting small dog clothes.

Sometimes you will find small dog clothes that have long sides, especially in the cases of cloaks and dresses. It is important that you make sure these kinds of outfits fit your dog without dragging the floor because this will get to be an aggravation for your dog when trying to walk.

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Locating the perfect designer dog bed

Diamond accessories. Fine lamb's wool sweaters. Gucci pet carriers. In recent years many stylish products have hit the pet supplies marketplace, and designer dog beds are just one of the many fabulous accouterments available to discerning dog owners, and their dogs. Designer dog beds are not only fashionable for your home, they are highly comfortable for your dog.

Some designer dog beds are quite simple, made in the same basic styles as most dog beds, but constructed from better quality materials on the outside (micro fiber fabric, fleece lining, etc), and padding such as feather down, or orthopedic gel-foam and memory foam for the best comfort of your canine friend.

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