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Aggression in German Shepherd dogs

While German Shepherds may not inspire the ill-placed fear of such breeds like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, they do land on many banned breed lists. In fact, it is more of a reputation of being aggressive that German Shepherds have acquired.

German Shepherd aggressionOwners of these dogs will mostly deny that German Shepherd aggression is a concern, but, unfortunately, the number of incidents of these dogs attacking people and other dogs can't be ignored. However, while genetics are a factor, the biggest problem is mistraining, or even no training, by their owners.

It is important to point out that not all (not even most) German Shepherds display inappropriate aggressive behavior. It is wholly unfair to let the misdemeanors of the minority result in the entire breed being labeled as "dangerous" or "aggressive".That being said, it is vital for owners to learn to recognize the signs of German Shepherd aggression, so that they can immediately begin to work to bring them under control.

So, what forms can aggression take? Some German Shepherds only act aggressively towards other dogs. Some will display aggression only if they are approached whilst they are chewing a bone or eating. Others act aggressively towards humans - mostly strangers, but in some cases even towards members of the family of the household that they are living in.

Don't discount even minor forms of aggression, say to a cat or the postman, because these could easily escalate into something more serious. At the first sign of aggression being displayed, or even before this, you need to embark on a course of proper training. Not only could it save injury to other people and animals, but it could also save your own dog's life.

Some owners make the mistake of yelling at or hitting their German Shepherd when he displays aggressive behavior. In almost every case, this is only going to make the behavior worse. Also, a person is not going to win a "fight" with a German Shepherd. If he attacks you, you are going to be seriously hurt, and he is probably going to be put to sleep.

Obedience training is a much better solution for dealing with German shepherd aggression. The best results are seen with younger dogs, but don't let the age of your dog put you off from trying it at any time. Even old dogs can learn to be obedient, it just takes a little more time.

If you currently have a German Shepherd or are looking to get one please let our community know in the comments section below.  How was your experience?  Is / was your dog aggressive and if so what steps did you take to correct the behavior.  And here is another article that might help with German Shepherd aggression or actually aggression in any dog - Controlling aggressive behavior in German Shepherds

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