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All about the German Shepherd Dog

German shepherd’s are one of the most versatile dog breeds that you will ever find. Not only are these dogs used as police dogs, but they are also used in therapy, for seeing- eye dogs, and guard dogs. You will find no better companion when you look for a German shepherd dog. They are an extremely popular dog in several countries, especially America. It is important to understand how to care of this dog breed as well as some of the characteristics you should expect when you have one. We will also delve into their working side a little bit.

German shepherds are medium to large dogs depending on their point of view. You will generally find that they are 22- 26 inches in height and 75- 95 pounds. German shepherds are also characterized by their hair color and face. A German shepherd's color runs from tan with black on the back, tail, and around the face. The muzzle is on the longer side for most dogs and proportionate to the head.

You will also find that the German shepherd’s ears will stand up, but tend to curl just at the ends on some of them. The hair of a German shepherd is usually coarse and very thick. They are average shedders which means they need to be brushed at least twice a week if not more. During the warmer seasons they will need to be brushed daily. A wire brush will usually do the trick for grooming. Among other grooming needs you will need to clip their toenails usually once a month or maybe every two.

German shepherds have one of the most lovable temperaments of any dog. They are very affectionate, require a great amount of human interaction, and of course they need a lot of exercise. They are a very well muscled dog, which means that they are agile, quick, and very powerful. They may not be best around small children until after they have gone through training to make them more aware of their size and capabilities. You will find that they are really great at being trained, despite some tendency for stubbornness. It really takes a firm, but gentle hand. Among other characteristics you will find a calm behavior rather than rowdiness, and loyalty. Most often they do latch on to one master, but that doesn’t mean they won’t seek attention from anyone in the room.

German shepherd training can go in several directions. You can train them for households or you can train them to work. When training them for work you may need to seek a professional. As guard dogs or police dogs a German shepherd undergoes hours of training not only in rescue, but in tackling a person with a gun. This means that they will spend puppy- hood with a trainer. They will most likely be attached to one person during training. In some cases with the German shepherd used as a police dog they will have the partner train with the dog. In most cases they will train separately and then go through more training with their actual partner. You will find as police dogs they are used for narcotics, as well as cadaver dogs because they do have a powerful sense of smell.

German shepherds need to have a lot of space. They do not do well cooped up in small homes. They need at least an hour of exercise each day if not twice that amount to remain fit and happy. You will find large homes with a moderate backyard and fence will fit them a lot better.

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