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All about white German Shepherds

Many so-called authorities on German Shepherd information will readily tell anyone and everyone that White German Shepherds have something missing, which does not make them "real" German Shepherds.

But people who have shared their lives with White German Shepherds claim that White German Shepherds are just like any other color of German Shepherds, only with a white coat added. The recognized colors of German Shepherds include nearly every other color except white. This same color prejudice also happens in other breeds like the Boxer.

There is a strange color prejudice in the world of dog breeding. Despite having purebred parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, a White German Shepherd or a White Boxer are not considered breed standard. Then again, this is the same world that chops off many dog's tails to a prescribed length or crops naturally floppy ears into pointed ones for purely cosmetic reasons. Perhaps the White German Shepherds and White Boxers are the luckiest breeds of all.

White German Shepherds are truly white dogs, not albinos. They have dark colored eyes and often have black noses as well as pink noses. This German Shepherd type was developed in North America (giving rise to another name variant, the American Canadian White Shepherd) from purebred German Shepherds (a breed that actually originated in France, in the Alsatian province, hence their other popular name as Alsatians). The naming of these dogs is far more complex than the dog.

White dogs have played similar and predictable roles throughout mythology and folklore of nearly all nations on earth. They are loyal companions, wise beyond their species and often thought to be blessed with supernatural powers, such as being able to guide the dead to the afterlife or to recognize a corpse from a vampire. In art, white dogs are often expressions of the loyalty and good heartedness of the master or mistress they are depicted with. The White German Shepherd fits the bill.

White German Shepherds are just as intelligent and energetic as standard German Shepherd types of any color. They were originally bred to herd sheep in the outdoors in all weather and to attack any predators of their sheep.

They will often take the time to get to know, train and medically help the dogs under their care before they consider putting them up for adoption.

If you are looking for a predictably good-hearted dog, don't mind dog hair and have room in your heart, home and wallet, the White German Shepherd is for you. Please don't buy one from a pet store, as they get all of their puppies from inhumane puppy mills.

You can get a puppy from a breeder, but there are not as many breeders of White German Shepherds as for other German Shepherd types. Go to Petfinder.com and adopt a wonderful companion from one of the many dog rescue groups in this country.

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