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Choosing the right German Shepherd puppies

As an athletic, energetic and bonding pet the German Shepherd makes an excellent pet for individual or family owners. The breed also has high trainability as a search and rescue dog or a police dog. It is important to consider health and breed standards when selecting between German Shepherd puppies for sale.

After you know which puppy you are thinking of buying you should set up an initial meeting with you puppy. You want a puppy that is affectionate and eager to make friends, observe carefully how they react to both your voice and touch.

Some German Shepherds can be aggressive later in life so it is important that you train your puppy early in life or at the very least choose one with a good temperament. Make sure to ask about any socialization training the puppy has had, any methods the former owners use is crucial and extremely important to early socializing. From an early age you want the puppy to interact with other dogs and humans.

If you are buying from a breeder you next want to ask to see both of the parents of the puppy you are considering. You will want to carefully observe how the parents react to you as a stranger, as they shouldn't have any signs of unwanted aggression. The temperament of the parents will be present in the litter. You also want to make sure the parents move easily and unencumbered for health reasons. Ask to see the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certification for the puppy's parents.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or OFA provides certification for German Shepherds based on X-rays of the dogs bone structure. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals gives a rating to all working dogs such as German Shepherds since hip dysphasia is a common condition and it is also a genetic condition that is passed on to the puppies.

Always consider this rating when you are considering any German Shepherd puppies for sale. Any German Shepherd dog who is prone to hip dysphasia shouldn't be bred and you should consider purchasing from someone else if the owner cannot present you with an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certification.

Next carefully look over the puppy you are considering. The eyes should be clear and alert and the gums should be pink and healthy. There should be no foreign matter in the ears. Without being overly energetic the puppy should be playful. When considering German Shepherd puppies for sale you should carefully consider the puppy's lineage.

An American Kennel Club puppy from a breeder will have family charts that show not only the puppy's parents but also the ancestors of the puppy for several generations on both sides of the family. A good breeder will be happy to show you this detailed family tree and even provide you a copy for your records.

After you have chosen and purchased you German Shepherd puppy you should have it evaluated by a veterinarian right away, they will need to be de-wormed and get all their shots.

To socialize your puppy with other dogs and human beings you should take them on walks, set up play dates with dogs or friends and take them with you into pet stores when you shop if it is allowed.

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