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Good German Shepherd breeders

Pet buyers have many options today. Those in the market for a purebred German Shepherd need to research the specifics before buying. This article will cover the history of the German Shepherd, characteristics of the German shepherd, where to buy German Shepherds, and how to avoid illicit breeders and sellers of German Shepherds. Additionally, buyers should know how to care for a purebred German Shepherd and be prepared for this well in advance of making a purchase.

Additionally, buyers should ask themselves why they want a German Shepherd. Some may desire this breed for its utilitarian nature. Others may want a dog that is a good protector. Others may just want a household companion. If the dog is to be used as a working dog, buyers will need to buy from specific breeders that handle dogs with a family history of training in relevant tasks.

Because German Shepherds are large dogs with unlimited intelligence and trainability, it is important that they begin life in optimum conditions. German Shepherd breeders specialize in this breed and know its history, characteristics and potential medical problems. German Shepherds can be trained to work in a variety of tasks. Many are guides for the blind and members of the police force. This makes it doubly important that a buyer purchases a German Shepherd from an appropriate breeder.

German Shepherds, closely followed by Labradors, are one of the easiest breeds to train due to their high intelligence, trainability and physical and mental endurance. This breed is also known to be loyal, courageous and protective. Because of these inherent traits, it is very important that German Shepherds begin life in an environment in which they receive stimulation, attention, discipline and training. Reputable German Shepherd breeders take great care in providing a foundation upon which German Shepherds can grow to be smart and socialized working dogs.

These breeders have their own kennels and often work in tandem with rescue centers or house rescues within their own kennels. All other sellers of German Shepherds cannot provide a full history and put buyers at risk of purchasing dogs with health and behavioral problems as well an uncertain ancestry.

They are confined to very small cages and have no socialization of any kind. The puppies are kept in the same kind of conditions, which can lead to physically and emotionally unhealthy litters. These are the kind of puppies found at pet stores.

Good breeders do not sell their dogs to pet stores. Breeders care what happens to their breed and want to know information about the potential homes puppies are going to. Though pet stores display adorable puppies to consumers, the background that these puppies come from is not so pretty.

Puppies are born and shipped in cages. Like any other merchandise, they are stored and then sold. Unsold puppies are destroyed. The parents of these puppies are bred twice a year in cages with little to no socialization. Every purchase from a pet store funds the perpetuation of this cycle. This is why it is important that buyers purchase only from ethical German Shepherd breeders and rescue centers.

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