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Loving your German Shepherd pup

A German Shepherd pup is one that is a great addition to any home as long as you take the steps needed to maintain control of the situation. Every dog should view his or her owner as the pack leader in order for the owner to maintain control, and this is no different for the German Shepherd pup. When raising your German Shepherd pup, it is essential to make sure that your dog knows all of the basic commands in order for you to be able to keep control over every situation.

When most people bring a German Shepherd pup into their home, they are often times hoping that this animal will grow into a nice guard dog who will alert them of dangers if they ever arise. But there are two different types of guard dogs, as there are the dogs that can't be trusted around anyone including its human family, and the dog that only sees danger in strangers.

Raising your German Shepherd pup the right way will make sure that you can trust your family pet to protect your family instead of harming it. There is a lot to learn and to take into consideration when bringing a German Shepherd puppy into your home but the process can be a joyous one if handled with care, concern, and love. For a pup to grow into an emotionally well-balanced dog, you need to take certain steps in raising the pup and be cautious not to make certain mistakes.

When raising your German Shepherd pup, it is important to seek the help of a professional trainer the moment you begin to notice problems with biting or barking. You want to make sure that any sign of aggression towards its family is stopped right away. Dogs are pack animals by nature and you must make sure that your dog sees you as the pack leader and they must know their place. If the dog feels they are the pack leader, this is generally where behavior problems such as violence come into play.

During the raising process, even though you are trying to establish yourself as the pack leader, it is important that you never strike the dog. This will only physically hurt the dog or make them end up resenting you, which can end poorly once the dog has grown into an adult. Teach it with love and respect, not violence and fear. Remember, what you put into raising your dog will be what you reap later.

If you want to make sure that you have a well-behaved and well-trained dog, it is important to make sure that proper training is done during the puppy stages to achieve this. Every German Shepherd pup should be able to sit, stay, come and heel on command. Along with potty training and other house breaking sessions, your pup must learn to listen to you.

Raising a well-behaved pup is easy as long as proper training and nutrition are given. Nutrition is something that a lot of people do not seem to always link to behavior problems. If your pup is suffering from something due to the lack of proper nutrition, then they may act out in order to tell you something is wrong. Since dogs can't speak, it is up to you to give them everything they need. By doing a few simple steps, you will help not only yourself but your pup as well.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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