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The German Shepherd: Power, loyalty and cleverness all in one

If you ever chance upon one of these dogs, you'll probably notice its stately demeanor right away. It gives off an air of sleekness and fluid power, while retaining a lively and vigorous outlook on life. The German Shepherd has a long body, that is solid and healthy, radiating health and top form.

This breed is known to manifest a striking look of nobility and quality. The German Shepherd breed is noted for producing dogs that are self-assured without being overbearing, direct and fearless without being hostile, and possessing a certain aloofness that speaks of this animals tendency not to lend itself to indiscriminate friendships.

However, as soon as the dog learns to trust his owners and a establishes a firm relationship with them, the German Shepherd is quite loving toward children. He is a superb guard and a loyal family pet, which is usually what many families are looking for. A German Shepherd possesses strength, devotedness, and is the third-smartest dog in the world: Id say that's a perfect choice for you!

The breed was named Deutscher Schferhund, literally translating to "German Shepherd Dog". It was named for its original purpose of assisting shepherds in herding and protecting sheep. They were bred to preserve traits that assisted in their job of heading sheep and protecting flocks from predators, as this was practical in Germany's local communities, during the 1800s.

Dogs believed to have the traits necessary for herding sheep, like brawn, brains and a good nose would be selected and bred by shepherds. The end resulted in dogs that executed their duties superbly, but varied in outward appearance and skill, depending where they came from and were bred. This was an accepted practice back in the 1800s, in Germany's local communities.

German Shepherds are known for their eagerness to learn new things and their zeal to have a definite purpose. The same traits that make the German Shepherd a fiercely devoted protector and an excellent herder have also launched it to the top of working dog lists as the worlds leading military, guard and police dog. Thats not all though: its a loving member of the family, a great herder and a first-class dog show competitor.

When the word working dog is used, the image of a German Shepherd and its roles in helping police track down lawbreakers, guarding facilities, and patrolling troubled areas comes to mind. They're absolutely crucial in search and rescues, cadaver searches, and narcotics and explosives detection, to quote just several uses. Their keen noses and unique ability to work in busy, distracting environments like airports or shopping malls allows them to do all this.

The German Shepherd has a calm, alert, and intelligent face, and his fur has a wide variety of colors, the most common being red and black or tan and black. Their dense, close outer coat covers a thick undercoat and a bushy tail that comes up to the hock. Because this animal emanates firmness and a quiet energy, choose the German Shepherd when looking for a faithful protector and a loving companion: He is one of the most intelligent, hardworking and agile dogs in the world.

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