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The White German Shepherd companion dog

White German Shepherd dogs are well known for their distinctive characteristic as being fearless and direct. They are also alert and eager to provide any assistance whenever needed. In whatever circumstance, they are the kind of breed that is always associated with being friendly.

 These White Shepherds are also regarded as being obedient and responsive in nature. Like the ordinary German Shepherd dogs, they are medium sized, well balanced and muscular and that is why they are branded as an all-around working dog. They can be curious at times but they enjoy playing around.

Recent genetic studies revealed that the white color associated with the White German Shepherd dogs is completely unrelated to albinism. The white code in the genes is fundamental to the overall conformation of the dogs breed color. The risks of breed color paling or genetic health defects that breeders feared was never proven to be related with the white color.

These dogs share the same features with the ordinary German Shepherd dogs. What makes them unique is the remarkable white coat which is not normal as believed in the early discovery of the white breed. And definitely, the white color is not associated with albinism.

The White Shepherds are considered to be obedient and responsive in nature just like any ordinary German Shepherd dogs. They are medium sized and are well balanced and muscular. That is why they are regarded as an all-around working dog.

Although these dogs may appear like dominating ones, males are less coarse and females are not overly refined. As opposed to the negative exaggerations associated with the White German Shepherd dogs, they can become very good companions. If properly raised in a good home, these canines can live up to its full potentials for about 14 years.

The White German Shepherd breed has a very playful personality. Depending on the dog, they can learn various tricks and are considered to be intelligent animals. These breed are very respectful and can be trained to socialize with other pets and children as well.

These dogs also have the distinctive characteristic that can be direct and fearless. However, they are alert and eager to help when needed. Whatever circumstance may demand, White German Shepherd dogs are always willing to serve as a companion or a guard dog.

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