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Tips for breeding a Bichon Frise

Choosing to do Bichon Frise breeding is a big decision and it is understandable if you feel a bit uneasy about starting the process. However, by following a few simple tips you can have your Bichon Frise breeding go smoothly and make the entire process more enjoyable for you.

Bichon Frise breedingThe most important part of Bichon Frise breeding is to select the right mate for your dog. Make sure you choose a mate that has qualities you want to see carried on to the puppies and for at least a few generations to come. You also want to make sure that both the male and female dog are healthy and have no genetic faults before you breed them since this can jeopardize the health of the puppies.

Having a healthy female can also help the pregnancy and birthing process to go a lot easier. In order to boost the female's energy and help her to stay healthy during the pregnancy you should give her excellent nutrition and supplements before breeding.

You can increase the success of Bichon Frise breeding if you have good record keeping. For the female this is especially important, you should have a history folder for your female in which you keep important dates such as when you first see signs of her going into heat, any changes you notice in her behavior and any medical issues she has. Make sure you also choose a veterinarian who you have a good working relationship with since they can help you through the entire breeding process and even with the puppies after they are born.

While the male is less likely to have reproductive health problems they are harder to correct than female problems when present. So it is important that before breeding you check your male dog for anatomical defects, low sperm counts, infection of the reproductive organs, hypothyroidism, arthritis of the spine and brucellosis. You should also take your male dog to the vet right away if they aren't interested in breeding to have them thoroughly checked out before you continue the breeding process.

Once you start Bichon Frise breeding the most important thing to focus on is timing. Wrong timing is the reason for many failed breeding attempts. You can have your vet run a variety of tests which can help you narrow down the best breeding time for your female, but the process is always a hit and miss. Typically around one year of age the female dog will start going into heat every six months.

However, the process will always be a hit and miss. Most female dogs will start to go into heat around one year of age and the heat cycle will occur about once every six months. To reduce the risk of pregnancy complications you should wait until your female is full-grown and developed before breeding.

After going into heat most females will be ready to breed around ten to twelve days later. Getting the female and male dog together early and trying continually is often the best option. It is better if you are early than to find out you are late and having to wait another six months. About twenty-two days after breeding your vet can tell you whether or not impregnation has occurred.

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