Yorktese dog breed profile

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Yorktese dog breed profile

Dog Breed Name: Yorktese, Morkie, Yorkteses, Morkies, Yorkie & Maltese mix, Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese Hybrid

Description: The Yorktese is quickly becoming one of the more popular designer breeds in the United States of America. This toy breed makes the perfect lap dog. It loves to sit in your lap, run around outside and will not hesitate to curl up in the recliner or sleep in the bed with you.

Temperament: Playful, love to be held, get along well with others. As with all breeds the temperament of the parents and socialization come into play.

The Yorktese in general is considered a tiny toy breed. On average they are in the 3 to 8 lb range as adults.

Health Problems: The Yorktese Designer breed is for the most part a health breed. Of course the genetics of each parent must be considered. If there are genetic problems in the bloodline then the chances of it being passed on are very high. It is important that your puppy or dog is up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm preventatives and de-wormings. I suggest you take your Yorktese to the vet at least twice each year.

The Yorktese comes in a variety of colors, including Black and Tan, Black and Gold, Tri Color, Gold, White and Gold and White. Of course they can come in more colors than are listed in this article.

Exercise Required: Majority of required exercise can be obtained in an apartment or house setting but they love to play outside and go for walks.

Life Expectancy: 15-18 years

Litter Size: 2-4

Grooming: Similar to the Yorkie and Maltese. Coat can be long and flowing or you can give them a puppy cut or other hair cut.

Origin: United States

Group: Toy

Recognized Registries: Though the Morkie is a hybrid they can be registered with a designer breed / hybrid specific registry.

CKC= Continental Kennel Club

APRI= American Pet Registry

ACA= American Kennel Association


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