I'll never give up my life in the city. At the same time, I'll never go against the advice of those who say that dogs don't belong in cities. I simply love them too much and couldn't imagine life without one.

When it comes to owning a dog in a city apartment, some challenges definitely arise. You're forced to walk your dog regularly, as there's no area outside for your pet to freely roam around in. The bathroom becomes an issue as well.

Because of the limitations that you'll find in cities, some dogs simply adapt to the settings more effectively than others. I'm going to share a few great dogs that may very well love life in the big city.

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The American Eskimo Dog is oftentimes called a Spitz in the U.S.. The American Eskimo Dog is an enjoying, alert, strong, highly intelligent, friendly, and curious companion. She makes an excellent protective dog however is controlled to be not threatening or aggressive. It has a cream straight outer coat, with a dense undercoat. There is a lion-mane feature as the coat is longer and thicker around the chest and neck and has a strong tail carried on the back. You would not see any blue eyes in this breed as it is considered a defect or a problem of ill health.

She will set well in any household as long as she can get frequent long walks. She was carefully bred to be a house dog and they need plenty of family attention. She is excellent with children but of course, never leave very young children alone with any dog for any length of time without adult care. The Spitz relates to a group of breeds and not just an individual breed.

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Owning a small dog really isn't that much different to owning a large one. Having said that, there are certain points they need to be made aware of when looking after a small dog. Consider the following daily dog care routines, and how they're adapted to meet the needs of your pint-sized pup. 

What are you going to feed your dog? 

Of course eating is the most obvious daily activity but the average kibble available from the grocery may be over-sized for your dog. You have to ensure that the kibble is convenient to be used by his minute mouth and these are easily procurable among some of the premium brands of dog food. It is also recommended to offer the Lilliputian canines some canned soft foods.

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Dogs are called man's best friend, probably due to their vicious loyalty to their masters. As dogs have been domesticated around 15,000 years ago, it makes the dog a perfect pet. There are various dog breeds such as Terrier and Mastiff, and dog types. These two terms should not be used interchangeably as dog type means to categorize the animals by the role it performs. Allowing specifically chosen types of dogs to mate in order to get puppies with particular qualities is referred to as the practice of breeding dogs.

The characteristics of the offspring are left for nature to decide when dogs reproduce without human intervention. Thus, many domestic dog owners would be breeding dogs to obtain an improved new generation of dogs. However, breeding dogs is a rather complicated job. It's vital that you have a good idea of the intended purpose, genetics and the health condition of the dog in question so that breeding dogs could be done in a fruitful manner. In addition, dog breeders normally record the birth of puppies in stud books of associations such as kennel clubs, where the data regarding the dog including, the dog's lineage and special achievements are recorded. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is one such famous organization.

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Bichon Frise dogs were very popular in the 1980's in America, along with breeds like the Shar Pei, called "Yuppie puppies". Unfortunately, in order to cash in on the fad, Bichons were often bred in quantity rather than quality. This can make for a dog that looks like a Bichon, but is snappish, unhealthy and hard to train. Because the genes of these dogs are still in the national Bichon Frise genetic pool, it is especially important where you go in looking for Bichon Frise puppies for sale.

Begin to dig by looking for American Kennel Club or state approved dog breeders, preferably those who will allow you to visit their kennel or home in order to meet the other canine members of the family of their Bichon Frise puppies for sale. You can find these breeders online, from your vet, from dog magazines, from the AKC or the Bichon Club of America or from attending local dog shows and seeing who bred the dog you admire.

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When you think of herding, you think of enormous cows or horses and a vicious herding dog that chase them towards the fences. What would you think, however, if you learn of a breed that's tiny and long and is just plain physically inaccurate to herd and steer these larger breeds? Amazing is probably one of the adjectives for it and that's exactly how many define the small dog herder, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

This small dog is considered to be the smallest of the herding dog breeds yet is ranks 11th in Stanley Cohen's Intelligence of Dogs. Using its brains and unique physique, this breed is able to champion not only the herding tasks but the different dog competitions as well such as conformation and obedience competitions. Moreover, even the royals can't help but favor this breed as it is said that the infamous Queen Elizabeth II owns five of them

This dog possesses shorter legs, and low to the ground and longer body. In herding cows, horses and other enormous flocks, its unique physical features allows it to miss the staggering kicks and bumps of the larger animals. Through its high level of intelligence, it was able to outsmart and lock in the raging herd of bulls and stallions.

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