All About Dachshund Dogs

Nicknamed as "wiener" dog, hot dog, or sausage dog, dachshund dogs are an increasingly popular breed of because of its unique physiology. And because it’s main use in the past, as a badger dog employed to hunt and exterminate badgers that routinely destroy farmlands by clogging up waterways, its main implement nowadays is a family dog.

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Guide to the most popular dog breeds

Are you shopping for a new dog? If so, you will be able to choose from over one hundred different breeds. Each breed of dog is unique in their own way. Before you make a purchase you should look into what each breed has to offer, as well as what other people think about them. For many people, choosing from the most popular dog breeds is a good start. After all, if so many people are interested in these dogs they have to be doing some right.
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Understanding Labrador Retrievers: Connecting Hunting Abilities to a Lab's Behavior in the Home

Labrador Retrievers are many things to many people. Because of their loving nature and obedient temperament, these dogs have not only made great companions and helpers, but they are most often used as service dogs for the blind and handicapped.
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Understanding Labrador Retrievers: Three Things You Can Always Count On

To completely understand the true nature of the Labrador Retriever, dog owners must have a firm grasp on the three most important aspects that make up this animal's temperament and personality.

1. Labs Are Natural Born Hunters: Unlike most other hunting dog breeds, Labs do not just wait for its human hunting companion to command them to retrieve fallen birds. These dogs have to be so attentive that they can mark the fallen foul themselves.

It is believed that Labrador Retrievers are more aware of their surroundings than other hunting dogs because of their heritage. When hunting, Labs await for the right signal from their hunter in order to seek out and find the prey. Similarly, at home, they constantly wait by their owner's side for the next task or command, regardless of what it is. It could be to walk, eat, anything really. This is what makes Labrador Retriever dogs a bit too needy for some dog owners.

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Shih Tzu - Types of dog shows

There are two types of dog shows licensed by the American Kennel Club. One is the all-breed show. The all-breed show includes classes for all the recognized breeds, and groups of breeds such as all terriers, all toys. The second dog show is the specialty show for one particular breed that also offers championship points.

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Tips for the novice Shih Tzu Show dog handler

If you will not be hiring a professional Shih Tzu handler for the show ring, there are a few things you should know about how to protect yourself and your Shih Tzu so that neither of you are too discouraged right at the start.

Try to remember a judge’s first and lasting impression of your Shih Tzu’s temperament will be made the moment it walks into the ring. Do not carry your Shih Tzu into the ring to avoid getting its hair messed up. Let the judge see the Shih Tzu’s gait as it walks into the ring. Do not drag the Shih Tzu behind you. It invariably will be a stressful 48 hour period for your Shih Tzu before the show. This time period will either be too hot, too cold or too rainy. A few hours before the show will involve your Shih Tzu having to stand rigidly on a crate, having its face and body sprayed with grooming substance that does not smell or taste very good.


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