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Dog tail positions and what they mean

Why do dogs wag their tail, and what does it mean? This is a very common question that many pet owners ask themselves.

While many people may think they know the answer, generally the answers are usually not that clear. So here are four positions that you'll likely find your dog's tail in, and what it likely means.

Dog behavior is a lot more complex then what we think. And while we may think that we know all the answers, odds are we know very little about what each tail position means

Here are four common dog tail positions and what is agreed upon to be their general meaning.

Held Straight Out

When pets have their tail straight up it is usually a clear sign of confidence and that they are feeling like they are the top dog in the pack.

Between the Legs

This is usually a clear sign that the dog is feeling very submissive and is scared of the situation. They may also whimper and try and hide behind you.

When they are in this position there clearly saying that they are not in charge, and they want to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

Arched Over the Back

If it is curled up over your dog's back and your dog is down on its front legs, this is usually called a play bow, and it is a sign that your dog is ready to play.

Tail Wagging

Almost everyone can agree that a dog with its tail wagging back and forth is very happy and excited about something important to them.

While it is natural for humans to classify dog tail positions into different categories, it may not be as clear-cut. As humans we are probably not perceptive to all the subtle meanings of dog tail position.


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