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German Shepherd health problems you can expect

Any breed of dog is going to have its share of health problems and a German Shepherd is no different. Before you bring your new German Shepherd pup home you should discuss potential German Shepherd health problems with your vet and your breeder so that you know what symptoms to look for. You also need to know when certain behaviors are normal for a German Shepherd and when other behaviors may mean it is time to get emergency care for your German Shepherd.

One of the common health issues of larger dogs like German Shepherds is a dysplasia of the hip or the elbow joint that can result in severe pain and difficulty walking for your pet. If you notice that your German Shepherd is starting to have difficulty moving around then it may be time to get them to the vet for a check up.

Sometimes the common German Shepherd health problems are difficult to deal with when they first start to show symptoms and it can be a bit terrifying. A German Shepherd can develop epilepsy and that can cause seizures and convulsions, which can be frightening to watch because you can feel so helpless. If this happens just contact your vet immediately and they will help you through the seizure and then get you medication and dietary recommendations that will help get the epilepsy under control.

German Shepherds can also develop conditions with their eyes that may need a vet's attention as well. Sometimes they can get cataracts, which just like with humans, can be treated very successfully with surgery. In other cases your German Shepherd may developed problems with their eyelids or eyelashes that grow too close to the eyes and cause infection. These conditions are also treated with surgery.

In some cases there are dog breeds that can develop the blood condition known as Von Willebrand's Disease or VWD. VWD is like hemophilia in humans, in that the dog's blood does not clot as it should and the dog will bleed profusely even with the smallest injury.

This is one of the more serious German Shepherd health problems and if you notice your pet with nose bleeds for no apparent reason or if you begin to notice your German Shepherd's gums bleeding then it could be VWD and you need to get your pet to the vet as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment.

As a responsible pet owner it is up to you to make sure that you keep track of your pet's health and that you stay in contact with your vet and your breeder so that you will be able to tell when symptoms may arise.

Your pet looks to you for its care and health and if you begin to notice health issues with your German Shepherd then you need to make an appointment to get your dog checked out by the vet as soon as possible.

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