Why can't dogs eat grapes?

The harmless looking grapes are one of the human foods that must not be given to dogs. People commonly love to share whatever they are eating with the pet but because of the supposed harmful effects pet owners would not dare give the pet a single grape. Studies conducted on grape toxicity have verified that it was not caused by fertilizers or pesticides. One thing is for sure though - grapes can cause renal failure in canines. Grape toxicity would cause the dog severe pain and similar to other cases of poisoning, it can result to the death of the dog.

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How to deal with dog hot spots

If you're having problems with dog hot spots then this guide will help you get rid if them. The three areas that you should know about are the basic definition of what they are, what causes them and how to treat them. By implementing what you learn here, you will be able to fix hot spot problems once and for all.

The word hot spot seems to mean different things to different people. Let me take just a brief moment and give you the most common definition that your vet would use. Basically, we're talking about an area of skin that gets infected due to your dog chronically damaging it. By repeatedly irritating or damaging the skin, it get's exposed to the outside world and an infection will eventually set in. They are typically the result of biting, chewing or constant scratching that exerts enough force on the skin over time to cause a cut or tear. The dog will just keep damaging it more and more until the problem gets out of hand.
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Canine seizures: Types, causes and treatment

A scary and heart-wrenching moment in any dog owner's life is when they realize that their dog is having a seizure. When armed with knowledge however, dog owners can treat their dogs effectively and ensure a long and healthy life.

What kinds of seizures can a dog have?

Epilepsy in dogs is common, with three main types similar to those found in humans. Primary epilepsy afflict young dogs and do not have an obvious cause. Secondary epilepsy is caused by trauma of some kind, including injury or stroke. Reactive epilepsy is caused by another condition such as diabetes or kidney failure.
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Dog first aid kits

Find all about dog first aid kits and how they can help your hurt dog. Millions of dogs die each year from injuries or illness as opposed to old age. There is no doubt that having dog first aid kits on hand can help to potentially safe the life of your pet. A lot of dog deaths could be avoided if the dog owner has some knowledge of what should be done and what first aid should be administered.
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What you need to know about spaying and neutering your dog

As a behavioral dog coach and consultant my position on desexing dogs is pretty clear. But as a breeder I'm frequently asked why I am so opposed to dog owners not desexing their dogs. Let me assure you, that if not for our dedicated breeding regime in place with the view to better our chosen kind of dog- the Boerboel (South African Mastiff) EVERYTHING at our place would be desexed in a split second!

As our dogs finish their breeding days, they're spayed or Neutered with the hope of warding off the inevitable health risks of not desexing them when they were six months old. We generally lose this gamble and have lost 4 dogs to sexual organ cancers.

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Find an animal clinic you and your pet will love with these pointers

Do you wish you had an animal clinic that you and your pet just felt comfortable with? It's often a time of anxiety, especially for those families that do not have a reliable animal clinic that they know they can bring their pet to for friendly, effective care. Visits to the vet become a lot easier when you've done your research first, or even built a relationship with your clinic so that they know you and know your pet. Planning ahead may seem like a lot of work, but it becomes more manageable when you know what to look for.

Only the best for your pet

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