Dog allergies and their symptoms

Allergies are becoming more and more common with people and dogs, particularly food and scent allergies. What are some clues ...
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What will happen to a dog that eats chocolates

Chocolates are comfort foods for humans but these products derived from the seeds of the cacao tree are poisonous to dogs. Just like humans; dogs love the yummy goodness of chocolates too. People that regularly binge on chocolates would suffer no ill effects from this food aside from getting a thickened waist. For dogs, death can be the outcome of eating large amounts of chocolates.

A lot of dog owners were not informed about the dangerous effects chocolates would have on dogs. The chemical Theobromine contained by the cacao seeds from where chocolates are derived makes this yummy food toxic to dogs. Chocolates have toxic effects on dogs because these animals cannot metabolize Theobromine. The poisonous effects of chocolates would depend on the weight of the dog, on the kind of chocolate and on the amount of chocolate ingested by the dog. The level of Theobromine contained by chocolate products vary thus the poisonous effects would vary as well.

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Three useful tips before buying a pet dog

People all over the world are fond of following trends and the good thing is that the trends these days are good particularly caring for a pet. You see Hollywood celebrities like Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Ryan Philippe and others who roam around the streets with their pet dogs so the awareness of caring for pet has been increasing the past few years. This is why more and more people are getting interested in having their own pet. Are you one of these people then this article is definitely for you. The fact that you want to own a pet is not enough, you should know some details before buying one. Here are some of the things to remember before buying a pet dog:

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Reminders for taking care of pets in Summer

Summer is here, and with it the need for taking care of your pets during the summer. The warmer weather we love means there are added things that need to be thought of to assure the health of the family companion. These are a few reminders of things to watch for.

Water and shelter are tantamount. Your pet should always have clean, fresh water available as well as a shelter from bad weather or shade from the sun. During hotter weather, your furry companion will consume far more water than usual to remain cool, be aware of this and check the dish often.

Two large concerns for hot weather are heat stroke and dehydration. By learning the signs of these two serious conditions, you can avert the potential for heartache. Listen to the weather forecasts and in the event of extreme heat plan ahead.

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Prescription medication for dog arthritis pain and inflammation

With the current advances in veterinary medicine, there are now many options to effectively manage pain and inflammation associated with dog arthritis. Although it is the responsibility of the vet to inform their clients of the necessary information about these medications, it is helpful for you to have some background knowledge. Having some knowledge on these drugs can help a dog owner make an informed choice because ultimately, it is you, the owner, who decides what type of treatment should be given to your dog.

Prescription Medicine

The most potent painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs require a prescription. Although some of these drugs have side effects that can be dangerous to your dog’s health, they are very effective and provide fast relief from pain and inflammation.

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Four useful tips in selecting the best dog kennel for your pet

It is necessary for you to provide the best possible comfort and security all in one point. As for your canine pets, a suitable environment would be greatly appreciated by your dog, may it be inside or outside your own homes.

If you intend to place kennels at backyards, safe housings are best recommended by neighborhood associations, as well as fenced backyards.

If you do provide the secured and safe kind of kennel for your pet, you are sure to have a happy and safe canine, away from troubles and danger especially at night.

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