The domestic dog's health is possibly one of the best-studied areas in veterinary medicine, since the dog has had such a long and close relationship with humans. Infectious diseases are prevalent in dogs and are important not just from a veterinary standpoint but also because of the risk to public health. The most wellknown example of this is rabies. Genetic diseases are common in dogs due to the selective breeding necessary to produce individual dog breeds. Due to the popularity of both commercial and homemade dog foods, nutrition is also a heavily studied subject.

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A swipe of the tongue - Why does my dog lick?
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It’s a behavior that drives some of us dog owners crazy – the compulsive licking habit that many dogs seem to practice. Although our dogs are part of our family, they practice a different type of hygiene care that we do, preferring a swipe of the tongue to groom...
Why do some dogs eat grass?
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Our dogs sometimes do the most perplexing things, and since they don’t have the power to speak to us with words, it often can be hard to figure out the reason for some of their more mysterious behaviors. One question that has plagued most dog owners is ‘Why does...
Build a Doghouse You Can Be Proud Of
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Man’s best friend has always been considered part of the family as well as the household. With this in mind, many dog owners make sure to provide their loyal pets with their own special home. In fact,there are a lot more dog lovers these days who take pride in...
Healthy sleep for dogs: all you need to know
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Dogs are important members of the home. A healthy night’s sleep is important for them, just as it is important for you. Here are some tips for ensuring your dog gets a good night's rest every night.
Is your dog's food toxic!
Amber KingsleyAmber Kingsley   1504   0   0   0   0   0
How to Avoid Foods that May Be Toxic for Pets Anyone who has owned a dog for any length of time quickly has learned that dogs are smart and resourceful. If you inadvertently leave the dog treat container in a room with the dog overnight, chances...
What do you know about your dog's sleep!
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Sleeping Dogs Even though it can be difficult for many people to fit sleep into their busy schedules, getting enough sleep each night is important for both short-term vitality and long-term health. For dogs it’s the same story: getting enough sleep every...
How to Prevent and Treat Fleas and Ticks
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Flea and tick preventative for animals is an important part of being a diligent pet owner. As a carrier and victim of these parasites, dogs and cats can easily face multiple problems, whether infested or simply bitten by one. Fortunately, quality flea and tick preventative for animals is readily available...
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