The Dog Feeding Dilemma: What Kind and How Much?

You've just brought your new dog or puppy home. Now, what do you feed it? Just like humans, dogs need good nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. Most veterinarians recommend dry dog food over canned food. It has been determined that dry food has more nutritional value than canned food. This is because canned food is usually about 70% liquid. So, your dog has to eat more to get the same nutrition as dry.
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Homemade Dog Food Basics

More and more people are beginning to make their dog's food at home rather than buying commercial formulas. Homemade dog food doesn't contain any substances that could possibly be harmful to your dog's health such as artificial coloring and artificial flavors. Another reason to make homemade dog food is the preservatives added to the commercial dog food. Homemade dog food has the benefit of optimum freshness without preservatives.

There are dogs that would greatly benefit from a homemade diet. Some dogs who suffer from allergies that cause severe itching may find relief once switched from commercial dog food to a homemade diet.

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Pet Food Recall - Are our Dogs Safe?

Recipes for homemade dog foods are popping up all over. More and more pet owners are deciding to make their own homemade dog foods. The pet food recall list is growing by the week. The food that you are feeding your beloved dog that is safe today, may not be tomorrow. Pet owners are in a panic trying to keep their best friend safe…and rightfully so.
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Feeding Your Best Friend a Homemade Diet

Feeding your dog a well balanced diet with recipes for homemade dog food may be easier than you think. The recent pet food recall has left many of us asking about the safety as well as the quality of our pets’ food. Can the suppliers and manufacturers of pet foods be trusted or has that trust been broken?
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Five Tips to Keep Your Dog Food Fresh

Dogs are traditionally not very finicky when it comes to eating, yet you could easily find your dog turning his nose up at a dish that has been laying around the floor. It could easily be that his food has gotten stale or damp from sitting around all day. The same food that made Fido's tail wag when you poured it from the bag can lose its flavor and appeal since they have become dry and wet.

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These Foods Can Kill Your Dog

All of us are devoted to our pets and ensuring that they are protected, healthful & content will be extremely vital. It is often actually difficult to appease them by offering the pet some poor food choices when they saddle up next to you watching us & praying for a little taste. Unfortunately, a good amount of of the treats we eat all the time might be potentially terribly bad to the dog's health.
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