Why your dog prefers homemade dog food

American dogs, like American people, are gaining more and more excess weight. They may live contentedly with their owners, but a lot of dogs are less active than they should be and eat less appropriate diets than dogs did only 10 to 20 years ago. We see more illness, more vet bills and dogs with much shorter life spans as well. Some dog owners have started their pets on diets that are tailored to meet their pet's special dietary needs. First, the owner must research what the ideal food is for meals, snacks and treats.

Some dog owners have started to use their own dog information to help them make their own food and treats for their dog. This has to be done very carefully, since learning how to make your own dog food can actually hurt your dog if you do not make it correctly. Your dog may not be able to digest certain meats or fats, for instance. There are also some foods that can harm your dog, such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, bread dough and anything that contains mold.

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Your puppy's meal plan

Some puppies will eat anything and everything. They will gulp down dog food like there is no tomorrow. Other pups are finicky eaters. They fuss and play with their food. Most are more interested in what you are eating. Yet, whatever their taste in food and no matter how bizarre their eating habits are, all puppies require the same basic nutrition. It is up to you to create your Puppy’s Meal Plan. Feeding your puppy the right amount can help them grow and develop healthily! But with so many different ages of puppies to consider, you may be wondering exactly how much to give them.

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Homemade dog food is best for your dog

If you are like me, you love your pet and want the very best for them. We provide them with wonderful homes, groom them well and feed them with what we think are the best dog food in the market today. Well, the home and grooming is great; but did you know that homemade food may be a better alternative to most of the goods you see on grocery aisles? That?s right; give the best by giving homemade pet food to your beloved pet.

One thing you have to remember with homemade dog food is that this is not derived from the leftover table scraps of your previous dinner. Some people think that the pieces left on the plates like seed, inedible stems and the like can be fed to the pet, but this is not so. Unless your meals comprise of healthy and low sodium sources, it is best to serve your dog a well made food plan you have prepared specially for him.

Take care in avoiding certain kinds of food from the canines. We sometimes do not realize that some food in our cupboards and refrigerator are actually harmful to them. A few examples of these are cheese, spicy food, chocolate, grapes and ham. Put instead healthy grains such as oatmeal, rice and buckwheat in their meals. Include chopped up pieces of chicken, beef or liver. Make an effort to ensure that all meals are thoroughly washed and cooked before serving.

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All natural dog food

Dog food that contains natural or organic ingredients is often marketed as all natural dog food. Having all natural ingredients does not automatically make dog food healthy for dogs. Therefore, this phrase is sometimes misleading.

Commercial dog foods typically use artificial colors, artificial flavoring, and preservatives. Several small dog food manufacturers produce natural dog food that does not contain these artificial ingredients.

If the dog food is described in this way, it does not guarantee that the dog food is the healthiest dog food. A dog food that consists largely of natural corn or grain products could be considered all natural, but not healthy for dogs. The healthiest dog food is a meat-based dog food.

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Why does your dog like to eat grass?

There’s an old wives’ tale that the reason dogs eat grass is because they have an upset stomach and that eating grass will make them throw up, taking care of the nausea and remedying their problem. Sometimes this really is why your dog runs out the door and heads for a blade of grass. Dogs know that grass works by tickling the insides of their stomachs, making them vomit. Remember the last time that you were sick to your stomach? Didn’t you feel much better after you were finally able to throw up? Fido does too.

But what about a dog who doesn’t have an upset stomach; why would he eat grass? No, it’s not because he’s a vegetarian, but he could be treating your lawn like a salad bar as part of a balanced diet. Seriously. Your dog mostly eats dry dog food, right? Just like humans need their fruits and veggies, especially greens, so too do dogs need greens for proper nutrition.

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Types of holistic dog food

Holistic dog food is often a desirable alternative to dog owners who are concerned about the quality of the ingredients in popular commercial dog food. The holistic dog food alternatives include manufactured natural dog food and homemade dog food.

Some dog food manufacturers make holistic dog food that contains natural ingredients. The significant difference between holistic dog food and most commercial dog foods is the quality of the ingredients.

Though animal byproducts are often the animal protein source in commercial dog food, animal byproducts are not usually included in holistic dog food. Animal byproducts are meat pieces that are not suitable for human consumption. Some holistic dog foods use only human-grade ingredients. Holistic dog food may have vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants added.

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