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How to train a dog to sit

One of the ways by which a dog owner can establish his being the alpha male is to let the dog undergo obedience training. To be good canine citizens, dogs have to have a leader. Dogs that do not have a clear view of their rank in the pack have the tendency to develop unwanted behaviors. One of the reasons why dogs are either abandoned or left in animal shelters is because owners have not taken the trouble to obedience train the dog.

Teaching a dog to do tricks is a very rewarding experience as an owner will feel a sense of accomplishment every time the pet obeys the command with alacrity. Training the dog to sit is one of the easiest practical skills an owner can teach the pet given that sitting is already a natural action of a dogs. What an owner needs to accomplish is to make the dog respond to the sit command

It is not necessary to teach the dog to sit as sitting is a natural act of canines but a dog owner has to make the pet understand what the word sit means. A dog owner can introduce sit to the dog by saying the word every time the dog is seen about to slump down on its rear end. Dogs are noted for their high level of intelligence thus by repeating the word, it will be associated by the dog to the particular action. Dogs are renowned for their short attention spans thus they get distracted easily. Training the dog to sit will be more effective if the short sessions are conducted in an area that is relatively free from distractions. Arm yourself with a bagful of the dog's favorite treats that will be used as positive reinforcement.

Dogs are noted for their eagerness to please thus playing or bonding with the pet before the training session will make them more receptive. Get the dog's attention by calling its name in a clear happy voice. Get the dog's attention by waving a hand holding its favorite treat. Being food motivated, the dog will be forced to sit to get the treat that is held over its head. A treat that is held too high will make the dog jump instead. Give the sit command before the dog sat to get the treat. Give the treat as soon as the dog's bottom hit the ground. Through the reward the dog will learn what must be done if the sit command is heard.

Patience and positive attitude is the key to a successful training. In time the dog will learn to obey the command even without seeing a treat.

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