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Proper German Shepherd obedience training

If you have not had the chance to read over what it is exactly that needs to be done during German Shepherd obedience training before your brought your puppy home, it is never too late to start. Giving your puppy the right type of training is just as important as giving proper skills to a child so that they are able to function in the world with as few problems as possible. Just as a parent is to a child, you are to your pup so German Shepherd training should always be handled with care and concern.

But the sooner you get started the easier it will be to train your dog and the less time it will take. Just as it would be your responsibility to teach a child what is good and bad behavior, it is also your responsibility to teach your German Shepherd right and wrong behavior. If done properly, you can help to make sure that your dog is under your control and able to live comfortably within your home and yard and outside in society.

If you remain consistent, this type of training should be over in a few weeks. Every time the dog does something inside the home that is not in compliance with the house rules, the puppy must be corrected.

Every single time the puppy does something wrong, they must be corrected or else they will not understand that it isn't a behavior that is allowed. And most importantly you must praise, praise and then praise some more when they are on the right track.

Giving your pup the right tools is essential to make sure that they do not end up with behavioral problems down the road. Too many times I have heard about what a bad dog a certain dog is when actually it is the owner who is at fault. Dogs come from the wild by nature and only know how to behave properly if taught to do so.

Now that the housebreaking part is over, the rest of the German Shepherd obedience training is the commands such as sit, stay, heel and come. These commands are very important for many reasons such as control over who is the leader between you and the dog and for the safety concerns of your pet.

Once finished with one command, you can then move onto the next one on your list. Just be sure to allow your puppy breaks during training, as they tend to have shorter attention spans so an hour-long training would be pointless. Give many breaks but try not to skip an entire day.

Training for too long at a time will decrease your chances of a successful training. Take breaks and spread the German Shepherd training throughout the day to get the best results.

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