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Simple ways to train your Bichon Frise

A Bichon Frise is a very intelligent dog that loves to perform tricks and socialize. These characteristics make it a perfect pet to train. Some common Bichon Frise behavior problems concern house breaking. However with proper training at an early age these dogs make wonderful pets for the family. Their gentle, playful and loving nature makes them ideal for families with children. They also enjoy human interaction and this will make training easier as it will appeal to them as a game as long as you keep it fun.

These problems can be overcome with Bichon Frise training, training aimed specifically at this breed of dog. Because of these characteristics, not all training tips from dog training books will work when your try Bichon Frise training.

Socializing your dog and interacting with it are all part of the process of training your Bichon Frise. This dog may not be perfect for everyone, particularly for someone who is away a lot and works long hours. These dogs need companionship and company to be healthy and happy.

One way to solve Bichon Frise problem behaviors in regards to house breaking is to use the confinement method. Until your dog is properly house broken it should not be allowed to have access to your entire house. Letting your new puppy roam around the house will mean accidents and once the puppy has a few accidents it will think it's okay to go in the house. Have a small den, whether a crate or exercise pen that is comfortable and away from any busy areas in the house.

If your dog is comfortable in the pen it will not want to go in the den. Take the dog to an area that is suitable for it to go regularly and allow your pet easy access to this area at all times. Follow a schedule and make sure you take your dog to this area after meals, after it has woken up and after play. These are usually the times that your puppy will need to go.

Do not expect miracles, house breaking will take time. Keep in mind that the Bichon Frise is a hard breed to housebreak and it is considered one of the Bichon Frise problem behaviors. With some patience and persistence you should be able to train your dog and keep your house clean.

Remember that your dog does not mean to mess up your house; it just doesn't know any better. Refrain from punishing your dog harshly for accidents, you don't want your dog to fear you or resent you.

Reward your dog for doing its business in the correct places with lots of praise and it will soon make the connection and be able to go in the proper place. Involve the whole family in the process. Your dog needs to be able to take commands from the whole family.

Even children can help with housebreaking and training. It can be something for the whole family to do together. The mistakes and successes of your dog will undoubtedly bring much joy to the family.

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