House breaking your dog

You bring home a new bundle of joy. He is got beautiful brown eyes, a cute little button nose and a tail? That is right. You have just brought home a puppy. He is loving, loyal and playful. But what is that? Oops, you did not think about house breaking him. So, now what do you do?
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How to potty train your dog...

Dogs have two natural instincts that you can use to your advantage when potty training them. One is that they prefer not to pee or poop where they sleep. They will move to another area if given the chance. Two is that they will pee or poop where there is already the residual smell of a previous pee or poop.

When potty training a dog there are basically two options to use - Indoors or outdoors.

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Teach dog to read basics???

Teach a dog to read? Can it be done? Yes, it can. You can teach dog to read.  Why would you want to?  Well, even though Fido is never going to read a book or magazine, his ability to understand a written word as a command can come in handy. The teach dog to read techniques can help you with special situations.

Life has a tendency to throw curve balls. There may come a day when you have difficulty speaking. Maybe you just have laryngitis, and you can't call your dog. Or maybe you have a more serious condition.

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Aggressive dog behavior, a nightmare no more...

Aggressive dog behavior is one of a dog owner's worst nightmares. The last thing you want to see in your beloved dog is aggressive dog behavior.  The natural reaction to dealing with aggressive dog behavior is outrage and even panic. So many dog owners yell at their aggressive dogs or hit their dogs to try and get control of canine aggression.

With aggressive dogs, it's easy to mistakes that can lead to big problems. Here are four mistakes you want to avoid you're dealing with an aggressive dog:

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Training older dog requires adaptability...

Training older dog issues require some adaptability. When you're considering training older dog techniques, you have to keep in mind what senior dog problems your older dog has. Here are some of the training older dog considerations you need to think about:

1. Older dogs may have joint problems. There are some things your older dog isn't going to be able to do. If, for example, you are trying to teach your senior dog to jump up, if your dog isn't doing what you want, it may be because the jump is physically difficult for him because he has older dog joint problems. Even simple tasks like sitting and lying down can be hard for dogs.

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Training your dog for the show ring...

Whether your dog is the most perfect specimen of his breed or not, training him for the show ring can be a challenging task. If you've decided to enter your dog in dog shows you need to have more than a pet that conforms to breed standards. You'll also need to learn how to groom and show your dog so that he looks his best for the judges.

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