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All about the Bulldog standard

In recent decades, Bulldogs are receiving much popularity as great show dogs. Due to their sweet-temperament and friendly attitude, they are truly adorable to many. Bulldogs are also referred to as English or British Bulldogs, and as their name implies, they are the symbol of elegance and tenderness.

In earlier times, Bulldogs were mostly known as guard dogs. However, compared to the aggressive instinct of their ancestors, current breeds are much more mild-mannered and temperate. But under certain circumstances their fighting instinct becomes highly apparent.

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Raising your Bulldog pup

French Bulldog puppies are very friendly and eager to please as result of their nature. Although they are very aggressive with other dogs despite their gentle nature with humans. So you need to take the necessary time in order to properly socialize your French Bulldog puppies with other people and pets. If there is every any aggression towards humans then you need to take your puppy to a professional trainer right away.

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English Bulldog facts

Since the 1800's the English Bulldog has been extremely popular since, despite their stubborn nature, they are actually a very docile breed. At one time the breed was encouraged to display their ferocious and courageous traits, but now they are a member of the non-sporting group and make an excellent devoted family pet. The earliest reference to an English Bulldog was found in literature from 1609. As of the year 2007 the English Bulldog made it on the list of the top ten dog breeds.

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English Bulldog puppies for sale: Know the breed

There may be many different reasons why you could be seeking out places that offer English Bulldog puppies for sale including just needing to own a pet. Choosing a Bulldog is easy because they make for very good companionship and also because they will obey your every command. Or, you may even want a show dog or just a combination of these reasons. Regardless of why you wish to acquire Bulldog puppies, it will still be your responsibility to bring up and provide proper Bulldog puppy care for your Bulldog puppies so that they are able to achieve their fullest potential.

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The French Bulldog traits

The French Bulldog can best be described as a compact and tough dog. For many years the French Bulldog has been a popular pet for the family. While known as the French Bulldog it is likely that it descended from the English Bulldog along with a mix of other French and English breeds.

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How to choose the right Bulldog puppy

Everyone knows the Bulldog breed. In fact it has been a favorite among people for at least a hundred years. The British originally used the Bulldog as a fighting dog to help protect their livestock. When bullfighting was popular the Bulldog became a quick favorite because of their strong bite. Their characteristically large head and strong, square build helps to give them their solid and muscular build. Their strong bite comes from their strong and undershot jaw and their strong appearance comes from their short and square muzzle.

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