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Teaching the dog to come when called

One of the benefits of obedience training is enhancing the bond between master and pet. Obedience trainings turn dogs into well behaved individuals. Without a doubt, an owner would brag about the pet's ability to do tricks. An owner can control the dog's behavior with obedience training. One of the important basic obedience trainings is teaching the dog to come when called as this can save the pet from a potentially dangerous situation. The reason why many dogs were not saved from potentially dangerous situations is because the dogs were not trained to come when called.

It is very important for leashed dogs or those that are kept on a crate to be trained to come when called. Dogs are energetic animals that would love nothing more than to jump run and play. Thus when a leashed or crated dog breaks its confinement, it would be gloriously happy. The dog would surely be very hard to catch especially if it was not trained to obey the come command. This scenario often ends up with the dog injured.

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Why can't dogs eat grapes?

The harmless-looking grapes are one of the human foods that must not be given to dogs. People commonly love to share whatever they are eating with the pet but because of the supposed harmful effects, pet owners would not dare give the pet a single grape. Studies conducted on grape toxicity have verified that it was not caused by fertilizers or pesticides. One thing is for sure though - grapes can cause renal failure in canines. Grape toxicity would cause the dog severe pain and similar to other cases of poisoning, it can result in the death of the dog.

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House training a dog

House training, house breaking, potty training or toilet training refers to teaching the dog when and where to go to the bathroom or to the designated toilet area. In spite of the fact that dogs are well loved by all the members of the family, no one would want to clean the mess that the dog leaves everywhere. House training, just like any other form of dog training can be as easy or as difficult as you can make it. The success of teaching the dog to do its business on the designated area largely depends on you more than on the dog.

House breaking the puppy is not the responsibility of the breeder. This task that will fall on your shoulders is best started while the dog is still a puppy. Any person that have had the opportunity of living in a home with dog will notice that these animals form habits.

Dogs that have soiled a particular area will return to the same place over and over again to defecate or urinate. It would be your responsibility to guide the dog so that the habit that will be formed is to relieve itself in the designated area. This can be rather difficult especially if you do not have the time to supervise the dog at all times. The good news is that dogs generally take about a week to establish a routine.

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What will happen to a dog that eats chocolates

Chocolates are comfort foods for humans but these products derived from the seeds of the cacao tree are poisonous to dogs. Just like humans; dogs love the yummy goodness of chocolates too. People that regularly binge on chocolates would suffer no ill effects from this food aside from getting a thickened waist. For dogs, death can be the outcome of eating large amounts of chocolates.

A lot of dog owners were not informed about the dangerous effects chocolates would have on dogs. The chemical Theobromine contained by the cacao seeds from where chocolates are derived makes this yummy food toxic to dogs. Chocolates have toxic effects on dogs because these animals cannot metabolize Theobromine. The poisonous effects of chocolates would depend on the weight of the dog, on the kind of chocolate and on the amount of chocolate ingested by the dog. The level of Theobromine contained by chocolate products vary thus the poisonous effects would vary as well.

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Pain relief for dogs

Among all pets, dogs are possibly the ones given the most love and attention. Dogs may not have the ability to complain but an observant pet owner would know if the dog is in pain. Dogs are uncomplaining animals but a discerning owner would be aware of what the dog feels. Vets are the experts in these matters but an owner that has closely bonded with the pet would be more attuned to what the dog is feeling.
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What to do if the dog eats chocolate

You thought of giving the girlfriend a puppy for your 1st month's anniversary. Together with the $120/pound Godiva chocolate, the cuddly puppy was placed in a ribboned basket ready to be delivered. Apparently, the notion that dogs and chocolates is a bad combination is true. The dog has eaten every bit of the chocolates! Would you ignore the pet and rush to get another chocolate or would you take the dog to the vet?
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