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What you should consider during Beagle breeding

Selection of ideal pair is very important in beagle breeding. The professional breeders analyze and select the ideal pair for breeding. Only when you select the pair using a thorough inspection of their traits, you can be sure of having offspring with desired characteristics. Professional beagle breeders take the overall characteristics including strengths and weaknesses of the mating pairs into account at the time of beagle breeding which enable them to have an idea about the possible characters of the offspring.

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Beagle mixed breeds best of both

The beagle dog breed dates back historically to 19th century England. The breed is thought to have descended from the "Harrier," a medium sized English hound used for hunting. Beagles were officially registered as a breed with the American Kennel Club in the 1880s. Though beagles derived from inter-breeding of the Harrier and other hunting dogs, they are viewed as a pure breed today.

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Learning about your Beagle dog

The Beagle dog can be traced all the way back to the early part of the second century, when this breed came to England from the neighboring country of France It is thought that the Beagle originated from the Talbot Hound, which was a dog that was bred for hunting and is now extinct. Beagles were and still are used for hunting expeditions, since they have a keen sense of smell and the tenacity to stick with their prey until it is properly caught.

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Beagle's temperament makes them easy to train

BeagleFinding the perfect pet for a family with small children can be a daunting task, with many small breeds that may be good with kids, the Beagle is about the most well rounded breed for children. Its even temper and eagerness to please their owners, makes the Beagle an ideal animal for indoor company.

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Do not buy pocket Beagles

A pocket beagle was a very popular breed back in the 1300s and 1400s with royalty and was prized by the royal family. They were called pocket beagles because they were measured at no more than 9 inches at the shoulders. Currently the American Kennel Club, the standard that many breeders use for determining the health and other important factors of a dog breed, only recognizes beagles that are 13 inches or 15 inches in size. So what happened?

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Information and history: Beagle rescue

This article concerns the issue of beagle rescue. Before that topic is addressed, it is important to know a little bit about this breed of dog. The beagle dog breed dates back historically to 19th century England. The breed was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1885. Since that time the beagle has gained popularity.

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