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Four @ Four

Today we kick off our featured blog "Four @ Four".  Each day we will be sending out our top four pet "finds" of the day.  It may be stories about pets (acts of love, courage, faith, companionship, etc), or entertainment stories.  We will post health bullentins, and anything special we find related to our most loved friends.

So lets get started with our four picks for Tuesday:

  • We found this great article at globalanimal.org ... if you're at all interested in our presidental pets (especially since we just celebrated President's day), then this is the article for you.  Very detailed and filled with great information. 
  • Here's another great link to a story about who makes the better parent, a dog or a cat.  The video shows a mother dog teaching her puppy how to walk down a flight of stairs.  It's very cute!  I won't spoil the ending when you see the cat!  After watching it you can decide who makes the better parent
  • With all the cold winter weather where do you turn to get the latest weather information for your pet?  Well The Weather Channel has an entire section on thier website for pet weather.  Check it out here and be sure and keep your pets safe during any severe weather...
  • And speaking of the weather, if you don't want to use the Weather Channel or your local meterologist just use your cat!  Time magazine's website has article about an Army first lieutant from 1883 who said since they couldn't trust the weather service they should just watch their cats.  Given all the crazy weather we've been having maybe he was on to something!

That's it for four@four ... let us know if you have any stories or articles to share ... cheers!

Today's 4at4 - Feb 19, 2014
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