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Obama's new dog is named Bo

Additional information has leaked that the Obama's new dog is indeed a Portuguese Water dog and is a gift from Sen. Edward Kennedy.  Bo is said to be about 6 months old.

Portuguese Water dogs are said to shed less and therefore will be a good choice as a pet to reduce the allergy issue with the Obama's two children.  

Portuguese Water DogOf course one fear is that there will now be a big rush on this bred of dog and people should be very aware of the dog's behavior and care requirements before they get one.  Also it should be noted that these dogs are rarely found in shelters and therefore anyone looking to adopt a dog (which we strongly encourage by the way), will have a very hard time finding one.

The Obama's dog is apparently coming from a home where they were unable to keep the dog and they were looking for a new home.   If this is true then that supports the idea of the dogs being a little more difficult to keep but also means that in the strictest sense, the Obama's did "adopt" this dog.

There had been a major push to have the Obama's adopt a dog to set an example for others looking to get a pet.  

They have said that they will make a donation to the D.C. Humane Society.

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Sunday, 08 December 2019

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