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Pawsitive Vybe Tugging Foundation

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Here are a couple of foundational bitework pieces we shot recently.

The first is of a foster dog of ours, Indy, doing some basic bitework with detailed instruction.

Tugging Basics - Video Link

This is a game. The energy of the game ebbs and flows dependent upon the dog's performance. Good performance earns more exciting play and poor performance gets less exciting play.

Hopefully you noticed the ebb and flow of the game attached to the solid performance of Indy. When I started to challenge Indy a little more you also should have noticed more down time (starting around 4:35). When I started to put the drop on cue and gain stimulus control over it (4:55), the nature of the game changed. His thoughtful behavior earned him access to the game. By the time we really started to work on impulse control and retrieve and through the rest of the video you can see the energy levels becoming the reinforcement.

I just noticed the hiccup in the video. Sorry about that...

Flag and Flash Cueing - Video Link

Well we got better light and better hair...

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

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